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Transformers are efficient electrical devices used in various electrical, industrial and other commercial sectors for transferring the electrical energy from one circuit to another. For maintaining the life of transformers quality transformer protection is required, our company offers ABB transformer protection for maintaining this power equipment efficiently.

Different weather conditions, electric shocks and various other features can affect the performance of the transformer and hence bringing the need for repair and changing the equipment, to avoid all these damaging factors ABB transformer protection systems helps you in maintaining these electrical equipments with high quality and working performance.

We offer protection relays for enhancing primary protection in transformers of different ranges and configurations. Use of latest technology and well designed equipments offered by us helps in maintaining this ABB transformer protection level. Insulation levels, short circuits, overload current, overheating and various other factors can also be efficiently managed.

ABB Transformer Protection reduces:

  • Winding and terminal failures.
  • Core and external faults.
  • Short circuits, overheating and electrical failures.

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